Canine Ear Infections – Treatment

Persistent Ear Infections – A Solution for Treating your Dog

Dog breeds with hairy ears and/or with large pendulous ear flaps are more susceptible to infections than are breeds with short light ears or prick ears.

The first step should always be to consult with your veterinarian.

dog ear infection
dog ear infection

Most veterinarians prescribe antibiotics for ear infections. While antibiotics are indeed effective for infections, they do not necessarily treat the underlying cause of the infection and so, in many cases, the infection returns again and again.

The underlying cause could be, and often is, mites, in which case the antibiotics would solve the infection but not the mites.

Here is a home remedy, an antiseptic treatment that has been tested for many years, so it is well worth considering:
It will get rid of the mites and thus the underlying cause of the recurring infections.



16 Oz. (500ml) Isopropyl Alcohol (95% – 97%)
4 Tablespoons Boric Acid Powder
16 Drops Gentian Violet Solution 1%

Mix together in the alcohol bottle and shake well. Shake each time before using because the boric acid powder will settle. To administer a dose, use a 5 – 10cc syringe or equivalent eye dropper.


At first, do not try to clean out the ear or pull any hair. Wait for several days until the inflammation, if any, has subsided. Gently squirt the solution into the ear canal and gently massage the ear for a minute or two. Blot the excess solution with a tissue. Repeat the dosage and leave it. The dog will shake out the excess which can be blotted with tissues. Be careful, because Gentian Violet does stain fabrics.

Schedule of treatment is as follows:

Treat twice a day for the first week, to two weeks, depending upon severity of ears.
Treat once a day for the next 1 – 2 weeks.
Treat once a month (or even less frequently, depending on the dog.

All of these ingredients should be available at a pharmacy. Some pharmacies might need a couple of days to get the Gentian Violet. You will find that despite the alcohol, the dog will not object to even the first treatment. The Boric Acid Powder soothes the ear. The Gentian Violet solution is an effective anti-infection agent. The solution appears to work well on any and all ear problems from mites to wax to abscesses. After several days, you can clean out the ear with a Q-tip or cotton balls.

The Success Rate for this treatment is 95-99%.

Persistence is the key to success. If you are not making progress, then most likely you have not been doing the treatment often enough, or long enough.

Dogs with very serious ear infections have been saved from surgery by using this treatment. Recovery is quick and usually complete. An occasional follow-up treatment, every few months or so, will keep any further infections from happening.

Other Uses:

For treating fungus-type infections on the feet and elsewhere on the dog.

For treating cuts on dogs or people.

For treating hot spots – skin problems.

You may find other uses for this simple anti-infective agent.

Remember it is for external use only and be careful not to get into the eyes.”